Can I purchase tickets in person?


You can purchase tickets through partner locations around centre Wellington from one of our members using a point-of-sale machine. This will automatically upload your purchase to our site and you can pay by debit/credit card or cash.


Can I buy multiple tickets for multiple people?


Yes you can but each new name will be a new purchase so when you are buying multiple tickets Such as 8 tickets for $20 all 8 tickets will be for the same name and you can only pick one envelope number for those eight tickets. If you wish to buy tickets for multiple people you would have to make an individual entry for each person and pick an envelope for each person.


If I buy multiple tickets can I pick a different envelope number for each ticket?


No each purchase get to select one envelope if you buy 50 tickets for $50 each of those 50 tickets can only have one envelope assigned to it.


On the last draw my envelope number was picked and it won the ace why didn't I win any money?


The only time you are eligible to win money is when your ticket number is drawn then whatever envelope number you picked will be open if it has the ace of spades you win not just the weekly jackpot but the progressive Jack pot as well! If the envelope does not contain the ace you only win the weekly amount. If you picked the right envelope but your ticket was not drawn it does not matter you are not involved in the draw once a ticket is pulled In fact everyone playing in a particular week could all pick the same envelope number and it wouldn't matter it's only the winning ticket that gets to play.